Sunday, November 13, 2016

Eurohistory Issue CXI – Volumne 19.3 – Fall 2016

Earlier today, we uploaded to our printer's server the latest installment of our royal journal, EUROHISTORY. Issue CXI, Volume 19.3 – Fall 2016 should be ready to mail in about a month, before Christmas!

Inside this issue, readers will find the following articles:

1. Obituary – Queen Anne of Romania (1923-2016), by Arturo E. Beéche

2. Who is in the Photograph: The Battenberg Brothers, by Ilana D. Miller

3. Tours to Imperial Livadia in the 19th Century, by Ludmila Prokopova (Curator of Livadia Palace), Translated by Tayana Bukharina

4. APAPA – King Christian IX and His Descendants, by Coryne Hall

5. A Royal Wedding in Tirana, by Seth B. Leonard

6. Obituary – The XIX Duke of Medinaceli, by Aerturo E. Beéche

7. The Royal Governor of the Rock of Gibraltar, by Joe Spiteri

8. Book Reviews, by Coryne Hall

9. Royal News

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