Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Life for the Tsar: Triumph and Tragedy at the Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II (a peek inside)

This excellent volume by the very talented Janet Ashton and Greg King brings to life the last coronation of Imperial Russia!

We began shipping copies to buyers last week and the book thus far is being very well received!

When asked, recently, how much the events of the Coronation changed history, Ms Ashton replied:

Indeed, and Greg and I discuss this fact in the book (as you'd expect! :-) ). We think, though, that he could have had a successful reign despite Khodynka if he had handled the tragedy differently. Other reigns also got off to rocky starts, but the way Tsars reacted determined the outcome. Khodynka became pivotal to everything that happened for the next twenty years.
At the beginning of the book we "look at people looking at Nicholas" and discuss the different expectation they had of this young man and his wife, who was generally considered to be British and liberal, standing together at the verge if the twentieth century. Not everyone had positive expectations of him, but a lot did (it's interesting to compare who expected what), and that's what makes it all such an important moment in Russian history after the entrenchment of Alexander III's reign. There was so much hanging on the question of what sort of Tsar Nicholas would turn out to be.

We thought that perhaps those interested in the book might like to get a quick peek inside!

The book is listed on AMAZON.com and AMAZON.co.uk – while for YOUR convenience it is also sold at the following site of choice for royal enthusiasts and Romanovphiles:

Hoogstraten English Bookstore!


Saturday, July 23, 2016

King Albert I of the Belgians' death conspiracies


Very interesting medical article regarding DNA testing done to blood traces found at the site where then Belgian king died tragically in 1934.

Friday, July 15, 2016

A Life for the Tsar: Triumph and Tragedy at the Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II

Our newest book,

 A Life for the Tsar: Triumph and Tragedy at the Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II, has arrived three weeks ahead of schedule!!!!

We will begin shipping all pre-orders on Saturday morning!

This book is the result of a long, organic evolution. Fascinated as the authors both are with the Romanov Dynasty and interested in pursuing unique and exciting aspects of its history, they stumbled upon the Coronation of Nicholas II as a potential subject quite by accident. The ceremony itself formed an integral part of Greg King’s 2005 work The Court of the Last Tsar: Pomp, Power, and Pageantry in the Reign of Nicholas II. In the research and writing process, Janet Ashton discovered a wealth of previously neglected materials on the subject that helped bring the event to dramatic life: so much material, in fact, that it was impossible to include more than a tantalizing hint in a single chapter. 

The Coronation was beautiful, opulent, and almost surreal. Wispy clouds of incense drifted upwards through golden shafts of sunshine, while the “high, clear voices of the boys mingled with the deeper bass notes of the men” intoning sonorous hymns as Russia unknowingly celebrated the coronation of its last emperor. Flickering flames of a thousand votive candles shimmered over gowns of silver brocade, flashed across gilded icons, sparkled against diamonds, and glanced on medals. This intoxicating pageant of sounds and colors, scents and sensations left onlookers “dazed.” Nicholas II’s Coronation in Moscow’s Cathedral of the Assumption that May of 1896 was a carefully crafted piece of stagecraft, meant to transport the densely packed congregation to a realm of intense spiritual power fused to unyielding autocracy. The scene was not without irony: the imperial splendor and religious rituals of the Russian Orthodox Church celebrated a monarch who scarcely carried a drop of Russian blood in his veins.

The book contains over 220 beautiful images illustrating 248 glossy pages!

 A Life for the Tsar: Triumph and Tragedy at the Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II is now listed on AMAZON.COM and will be sold by our Dutch partners Hoogstraten English Bookstore.

We hope that Librairie Galignani (Paris) and the great team at MAJESTY Magazine will also begin selling this excellent production soon!

Kudos to the very talented Greg King and Janet Ashton, longtime Eurohistory collaborators, for a magnificent work of Romanov historiography!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Issue CX – Summer 2016 in Preparation!

After the successful mailing of all copies of Issue CIX – Spring 2016, we began selection of the articles that would be included in Issue CX – Summer 2016!

Layout of the articles included in Issue CX began last week, a few days after we released to our printer the final layout for Eurohistory's newest book, A Life for the Tsar – Triumph and Tragedy at the Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II, by Greg King and Janet Ashton. The book, which includes an incredible study of every aspect of the coronation, also is illustrated with exquisite imagery. This volume is a truly unique production, truthfully one of our best!

More information will be released in the next few days!

Anyhow, inside Issue CX subscribers/readers will find the following articles:

List of Contents

1. Claremont – and Britain’s Most
Important Room,
  by Katrina Warne

9. Crown of Tears,
  by Shelby Morrison

18. Who is in the Photograph –
        Three Greek Princesses : The Daughters of
Prince Nicholas of Greece,
by Ilana D. Miller

29. Princess Augusta of Cambridge –
Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz,
(Part III)
  by Marlene Eilers-Koenig

35. Marie of Romania –
Europe’s Most Flamboyant Queen,
by Coryne Hall

41. Obituary –
HRH Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia,
by Arturo E. Beéche

49. Obituary –
HSH Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern,
by Arturo E. Beéche

53. Book Review – From Tyranny to Freedom,
by Martijn Arts

55. Book Reviews
by Coryne Hall

56. Royal News

Issue CX – Summer 2016 will be released to our printer early this next week and we expect to begin shipping it in the second half of August 2016, right on time!!!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Diana's ancestral home remodeled ...

When a young Lady Diana roamed the halls of Althorp Estate, she was forbidden to touch anything or even talk much. But the new mistress of her childhood home has a different vision for the 508-year-old mansion. Countess Karen Spencer, the third wife of Earl Charles Spencer, has initiated some unusual decor changes, including a bouncy castle in the silk-lined state dining room.
"A lot of people are quite surprised by it," Diana's sister-in-law told People. "But I've always believed this house should be lived in." Her philosophy is definitely a complete reversal from the previous household rules.
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