Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Life for the Tsar: Triumph and Tragedy at the Coronation of Tsar Nicholas II (a peek inside)

This excellent volume by the very talented Janet Ashton and Greg King brings to life the last coronation of Imperial Russia!

We began shipping copies to buyers last week and the book thus far is being very well received!

When asked, recently, how much the events of the Coronation changed history, Ms Ashton replied:

Indeed, and Greg and I discuss this fact in the book (as you'd expect! :-) ). We think, though, that he could have had a successful reign despite Khodynka if he had handled the tragedy differently. Other reigns also got off to rocky starts, but the way Tsars reacted determined the outcome. Khodynka became pivotal to everything that happened for the next twenty years.
At the beginning of the book we "look at people looking at Nicholas" and discuss the different expectation they had of this young man and his wife, who was generally considered to be British and liberal, standing together at the verge if the twentieth century. Not everyone had positive expectations of him, but a lot did (it's interesting to compare who expected what), and that's what makes it all such an important moment in Russian history after the entrenchment of Alexander III's reign. There was so much hanging on the question of what sort of Tsar Nicholas would turn out to be.

We thought that perhaps those interested in the book might like to get a quick peek inside!

The book is listed on AMAZON.com and AMAZON.co.uk – while for YOUR convenience it is also sold at the following site of choice for royal enthusiasts and Romanovphiles:

Hoogstraten English Bookstore!


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