Friday, June 24, 2016

Issue CIX, Volume 19.1, Spring 2016 – Begins shipping!

Today we received the first boxes with copies of EUROHISTORY's Issue CIX, Volume 19.1, Spring 2016!

Coincidentally, we are working on Issue CX, Volume 19.2, Summer 2016, which will be mailed to subscribers in the second part of August!

Anyhow, inside Issue CIX subscribers will find the following articles and sections:

1. The Queen at 90! – by Coryne Hall

2. "Cecco Beppe has kicked the bucket!" – War on All Fronts and the End of Austria-Hungary – by Janet Ashton

3. Who is in the Photograph: Constantine of Greece's Christening, Athens 1940 – by Ilana D. Miller

4. Princess Augusta of Cambridge, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Part II) – by Marlene Eilers-Koenig

5. SIMLA: The Viceregal Lodge – by Katrina Warne

6. Book Reviews – by Coryne Hall

7. Royal News

This issue contains 64 pages bursting with amazing articles, news and commentary!

Subscription rates are:

USA                         $50.00
Canada                     $55.00
Europe                      $75.00
UK                            £50.00
Rest of the World     $75.00

To subscribe to the magazine, you can email us directly at: or call our office at 510-236-1730

You can also use Paypal by sending payment to:

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