Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Royal Gatherings in London 2017 Speakers

Dear Royal Gatherings in London Participants!

As we are about 2 months away from our yearly gathering in London, we are releasing the list of speakers!

While eight of the spots have been filled, we have invitations pending for three other lecturers. Once one of them agrees to speak at Royal Gatherings in London 2017, we will update the list. We expect to have five speakers on Saturday; five on Sunday.

Meanwhile, we have the following speakers joining us:

Coryne Hall - Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich's “useless" sons

Colin Parrish - The Last Plantagenet Princess

Janet Ashton - The Fall of Nicholas II

Robert Golden - ALBANY: One Dynasty, Two Destinies

Arturo Beeche - The Last Coronation: Karl and Zita

Ian Scott Hunter - Memoires of a Royal Footman

Kieran McCarthy - Fabergé in London

Ian Shapiro – Royal Tidbits

Ian Franklin – Hampton Court

Susan Symons – Schloß 4

As always, we will meet in the auction room at:

69 Southampton Row 
London WC1B 4ET

The conference will be promptly at 9:00am on April 1. We will conclude on April 2 @5:00pm

See you all soon!

Arturo Beeche

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